Best Cities in India to settle in by Lohagarh Real Estate

Now this a post on a travel blog by a real estate firm in Jaipur. Surprised? Don’t be as these guys are from one of the most popular tourist attractions of Asia and they know the importance of tourism which open business for many non tourist industries. So our friends from Lohagarh Real Estate will today revel 4 amazing Indian cities where I should settle. They are:


Bangalore city, which was renamed to Bengaluru, is the capital of Karnataka and it’s among the most beautiful cities in India. It is the fifth largest city in India and it’s very famous for its magnificent parks, impressive buildings, avenues, excellent shopping and heritage centers. These qualities make it an ideal city to settle in and a wonderful place to visit – a pleasant destination in its own unique way and the gateway to Southern India. It has become a blend of development and modernization with a hint of its rich history. It has palaces and forts from the sixteenth century that gives a clear idea of splendid architecture and efficient planning observed during the early dynasties in India.



Jaipur city is popularly recognized as the Pink city of Rajasthan. It is among the fastest growing metropolis in India and a perfect city to settle in and conduct business as you can easily get a good deal in land in Jaipur Rajasthan. It is well planned, has good infrastructures and boast of the latest amenities. It is the center of many international and national companies, with the latest ones being Infosys, Deustche Bank and Mahindra and Mahindra. Well laid out railway lines and roads and daily flights connect the town with the neighboring cities such as Delhi. Jaipur city is well known as an education center and its recreation facilities go beyond theatres and parks. It buzzes with malls, clubs, multiplexes, fitness centers, gymnasium, lounges and cafes.


Mumbai city, previously known as Bombay, is the largest city in India. Mumbai city is full of life and very famous for its tourist places, government bodies as well as commercial hubs. This city is well known as the financial metropolis of India and it is the capital of Maharashtra. Located on the Western region of India, Mumbai is the city to settle in with your family.

New Delhi

New Delhi

Delhi, the fifth most populated city in the world, prides itself for its satellite towns such as Gurgaon, Noida and Faridabad making it the National Capital Region (NRC). NRC was established because New Delhi needed space to expand and thus bear the burden of increasing development and growth in the area. It has amazing shopping malls, tourist destinations, climate is awesome and so are the locals. So if you are planning to live in a city which has culture, high literacy rate and most important you want to enjoy a nice weekend with your family you should plan to settle in Delhi.

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Visit Yellowstone National. Park One Of the Best Wildlife Destinations

While you are on a wildlife destination, do make sure to visit the Yellowstone National Park, which has the maximum sights of wildlife and the best kind of wildlife experiences. Filled with natural ambience the sight of the resident elk herd, feeding on the tasty tender green grass shoots growing around this region is something special. Besides you would get to see a grizzly bear and the fascinating bison herd which all more than add up to your excitement and adventure on tours here. Spot the wolf in the Lamar Valley and your travel kitty is filled to the brim with treasured memories.

Most of the tourists coming here love the green ambience, the fascinating sights, and the memorable tours with natural experiences. The park is a major travel locale for everyone and as you drive up the grand loop road, you would always cherish the sights of a great expanse of land filled with visual delights and tour ecstasies.

This is incidentally the first National Park in the world and spans over an area of 2,219,789 acres. It has seven species of ungulates, which includes the Pronghorn, elk, moose, and bison. It has two kinds of bear species and around 67 other mammals. There are 322 species of birds here along with the gray wolf and 16 species of fish.

The park has the largest calderas with more than 10,000 thermal features. There are at least 300 geysers here and this area also has the petrified forests, which are one of the largest in the entire world. More than 290 waterfalls dominate the place and with 9 visitor centres and 12 campgrounds, the Yellowstone National Park is a beautiful land filled with memorable pleasures.

Yellowstone National-Park

The park is witness to an abundant Spring, a sunny Summer, a calm Fall, and a serene winter. You can choose any time to visit this place.

With all this and more, visits to the Yellowstone National Park is unique and special.

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Visit to Mysore the Palace City in South India

Visit India and you are likely to fall in love with the beautiful structures and lovely ambience in all the places of tourist interests. Mysore, the Palace City in South India is one such region, which comes across with a collection of some of the most amazing cities.

Mysore Palace

Located at the base of the Chamundi Hills this is a mesmerizing destination here. The city hosts one of the most magnificent constructions the Mysore Palace which is a visual delight for all those who come here. In fact, it is the most visited Indian monument leaving even the Red Fort and the Qutb Minar of the capital city Delhi behind.

Let us see what are the places we could see in this enthralling locale. After the Mysore Palace, you have the Brindavan Gardens, a botanical paradise constructed by the Diwans of Mysore, located on the Krishna Raja Sagara Dam.

The Jaganmohan Palace which was built by Krishnarja Wodeyar III houses the Sri Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery since 1915 which has collections of paintings ranging from the famous Indian painter Ravi Varma, to the Russian artist Svetoslav Roerich.

The Chamundi Hills is another lovely region in Mysore the garden city at a height of 1000 metres. As one sees the panoramic view from top, the Lalitha Mahal Palace, the Karanji and Kukkarahalli lakes and the Mysore Palace are also seen from here.

With St. Philomena’s Church, Jayalakshmi Vilas mansion, Rail Museum, Regional Museum of Natural History, Folklore Museum, and the Elephant & Calf in Mysore Zoo, the tours here are filled with excitement, luxury, and comfort.

There is a certain beauty and charm Mysore the Palace City which is reminiscent of a past era filled with historical pleasures. Visit beautiful Mysore the Palace City, which is an ideal rendezvous for all those who visit the beautiful region of South India.

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Most Romantic Places in Delhi for Couples

If you have been to New Delhi for your honeymoon vacation or as a romantic holiday then here are some fantastic destinations for love & ambiance in Delhi. To make your valentine day unique and best, you should plan to go to these intimate places.

Several times people feel that it is hard to discover romantic places in a populated Delhi city, but it has endless choices for lovers. Here in the post the list of top romantic New Delhi places are discussed where you can spend superior time spent with your beloved. If you simply want to go for a romantic day-out with somebody then you can take a look at these places:

Olive Beach

Olive Beach is one of the most loving dining places in the New Delhi city. The spot where you really feel love at any time you go there. The finest time to visit to the olive beach is at night time. This spot genuinely makes you fall madly in love with on its own. This is an ideal place to have that romantic dinner with your lover.

Aqua-the park

Aqua-the park

Aqua-the park is amazing area and also one of the most romantic pool area restaurants in Connaught place named The Park Hotel. You will get a romantic feel there with your lover surely. Even though the meals here are fine but the feel is just awesome. This is an ideal location to bring your beloved on the Valentine’s Day. But this area is very costly because it’s a 5 rated resort. All must go to that area if you are prepared to spend that additional money for your loved one.

Beside if you are not heavy on budget then try visiting Hotel GTC and its Lounge. This lounge hotel is situated in GK 2 South Delhi and this is a perfect places for couples in delhi ncr. I mean a dinner here will not cost you more than INR 2000 for couple and room here is at around INR 2000 – 4000 plus a complimentary meat. Just contact their reception for more information.

Lodhi-The garden restaurant

Lodhi-the garden eating place, as the name recommend it has an own huge garden connected to that eating place. It’s a lovely location. When your initial discover this eating place, you will be enthralled by the elegance of it which they are looking for. It’s not very populated in regular days to weeks. So it’s a fantastic area to view with your beloved and family member particularly when the celebration is the anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. If you want to make a better date and day out for your beloved then you must visit there. The dining places offer European, Italian food items. The best place to have a great experience!

Garden of Five Senses

Garden of Five senses is one of the most wonderful gardens and there are several superior dining places in the garden also. Personally recommend that try to avoid visiting there in afternoons because it’s very hot there. In winters it would the best place to visit in the afternoons. The restaurant “Fio” is one of the excellent restaurants in Garden of five senses.

Although nobody ensure that how this area is for younger lovers, but it is a popular location for your specific days like Valentine’s Day. Aside from these top 4 romantic destinations in New Delhi you can also visit for Kingdom of Dreams, is an amazing spot where you can spend a full day with your beloved.

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A post on New Delhi Railway Station Accommodations.

Hotels near new Delhi Railway Station are simply suits to the require, your budget and priorities of all men and women which provide them a relaxed stay without charging much. A tourist will simply get a room in a resort which will match his budget at ideal and come up with all contemporary amenities. Individual can obtain a collection of accommodations around Railway Station in New Delhi on online websites and can simply reserve a hotel room in and close to that place at a reasonable price. There are a lot of 5 star, 4 star, 3 star, 2 star budget friendly hotels in Delhi.

The LaLiT New Delhi

The LaLiT New Delhi

New Delhi “The LaLiT Hotel” greets their visitors with its complete spa and open-air swimming pool. It provides a comprehensive variety of seven eating out alternatives, which includes some 24-hour kinds. The leaflet is a ten -minute travel from Railway Station in New Delhi. Nicely serviced with an LED TV & DVD player, some suites provide an iPod dock. Special tea & coffee machine and mini bar are offered in every room and much more.

GTC Hotel & Lounge

Anther good accommodation option is GTC Hotel & Lounge. A 10 year good hotel near New Delhi railway station with all the modern amenities like study table in rooms, high speed wi-fi, low spicy dinning especially for corporate travellers this accommodation option is some of the finest hotel in Delhi. Their room tariff is around 2000 and they have a conference rooms for meetings, 1 100 pax party hall and 1 open air lounge. Do visit their website which is

Bloom rooms Hotel

Bloom rooms hotel

Bloomrooms @ New Delhi Railway St is ideally situated simply opposite to Railway Station of New Delhi, perfect for those tourists who need to be centered near the city’s main transportation link. The extravagance Features offered by this hotel are: mineral water at Free, shuttle @ FREE , laundry washing service, unique eating place, 24 hrs on desk reception.

Hotel Welcome Palace

Hotel Welcome Palace

It’s an ideal location hotel that is perfect in the centre of New Delhi, participated with luxuries and Welcome Palace absolutely assists as an elegant locale for the organization and vacation tourist. The place also creates every other area of Delhi simply accessible. This hotel provides suites with a lot of unique and latest designs for your enjoyment.

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